Wednesday, 24 February 2016




    Yum !!Yum!!! Who does hate chocolate?? CHOCOLATE is a gift of love on Valentine's Day !!!
How many are aware of the fact that dark chocolate is used as added antioxidant.

Once chocolate was considered as a "sinful" indulgence, actually contains the same disease - fighting antioxidants found in red wine and in  many fruits and vegetables that are linked to a decreased risk
of heart disease.

Chocolate is used to reduce anxiety, back pain, boosting mood, heart health , reduce high blood pressure , mood enhancement and to reduce stress.
However chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine (PEA) , a naturally occurring compound that has effects similar to amphetamine. It can trigger migraine headaches in susceptible people.

Always choose dark chocolate over milk chocolates.... Higher the percentage of cocoa more bitter be the taste but richer be the anti oxidants. Milk chocolates have not been proven to have health benefits as that of in darker ones. Milk chocolate contains milk fat which is highly saturated. White chocolate contains no cocoa and has no health benefits.

Even studies have showed that eating chocolates before studying helps us to study better and remember it.

                                  ENJOY WITH CHOCOLATES!!!! Yum !! Yum !!