Friday, 18 March 2016

Did You Know ???

We have come across these things regularly. Have you ever wondered what do they denote or how to say them. Here are certain list of words with their meaning. I have learned those words today. Let this be useful to you all too.

  1. LUNULE:  Crescent shaped part of your nail.
  2. GLABELLA : Space between your eyebrow.
  3. AGLET: Plastic, metal bit on the end of the shoelaces.
  4. PEEN : The non-striking side of an hammer.
  5. VAGITUS : New born Baby's Crying.
  6. TINES: Prongs on a fork.
  7. RASCETA: Inside lines of the wrist.
  8. FERRULE: Metal Part at the end of a pencil.
  9. MINIMUS: Pinky finger. 
  10. AGRAFFE:  Piece of wire that holds cork.  
  11. VAGITUS:  New born Baby's Crying